Clips Straight 100% Real Human Hair Extensions for Women

I can’t get over these hair extensions!!! They are super soft and blend great with my hair. They’re super easy to clean and clip in plus they’re made of real hair so no weird synthetic look and softer to the touch. It comes with 7 pieces which is absolutely awesome so I can get full coverage on my head.

I have naturally fine thin hair so these extensions make a world of difference in my appearance. These are phenomenal!! If you’re looking for quality clip in extensions that hold up then these them. I love these!!!!

My hair is thin and a little past my shoulders in length. The quality of this hair is amazing! The texture matched perfectly to my own hair. I’ve already washed them, blow dried and curled them and they are still soft! I recommend getting two sets if you have really short hair or really thick because these are thin extensions but they blend with my own hair nicely because my hair is longer. And the best part is that I can still throw it up in a pony tail without any weird spots showing or discomfort!