Clip in Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Off Black

These extensions are the BEST I’ve ever used! I am SO HAPPY with them! I’ve tried only 3 other sets before this and they were inexpensive as well so I thought these would probably be about the same as the others. The quality of the others are poor-ish, the wefts are not sewn poorly and the hair thins out at the ends, not to mention the hair is kind of dry.

This set, however, is bouncy, the sewing of the wefts are strong and I don’t feel like I have something pulling on a strand of hair like the others. I forget that I even have these in, which I didn’t even know was possible! I bought black colored hair and it matches just fine with mine. If someone is wondering, it matches well.

To be honest at that price I was expecting nothing much. I had taped extensions for over a year but it damaged my hair and I didn’t like the fact that it was always hard to do nice poney tails without tapes showing. So I’ve got them removed but since I love the fact that extensions give you more length and thickness I wanted to give a try to the clip in extensions. I bought a set of 15” in black! They are just perfect! The hair quality is amazing, the color is perfect, and it’s so easy to clip them into my hair. I would never go back to taped extensions for sure!!! Now to see how long my hair clips will last, but at that price even if it’s just 2-3 months I would considering it as good.